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The OCP Foundation
all-out mobilization on the continent

Par Cédric Gouverneur - Publié en août 2023

Recognized as a non-profit organization in the public interest, the OCP Foundation published its 2022 annual report in early May. Research and development (R&D), social innovation, food security: the phosphate and fertilizer giant’s foundation is active on all fronts, from Morocco to Madagascar.

In 2022, the OCP Group, the world’s leading exporter of unprocessed phosphates, phosphoric acid and phosphate-based fertilizer, posted $11 billion in sales. Created a century ago and nationalized shortly after independence, OCP aims to “nourish the soil to feed the planet” with an eye towards achieving “sustainable growth for all” while reaching carbon neutrality by 2040. Its foundation, a non-profit organization recognized in 2012 as being in the public interest, promotes education, research and development, social innovation, food security, resilience to climate change and the preservation of biodiversity in Morocco, on the African continent and as far afield as Bangladesh. The main idea behind the OCP Foundation’s activities is “sustainable innovation”: “initiating responsible projects for future generations”. Last year, it backed 265 projects, funded over 3,300 grants and sponsored some 600 schools. In Morocco, in addition to its strong support for start-ups and young talent, the OCP Foundation assists some 600 cooperatives via the Mourafaka...

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