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BBY at the headquarters of the Jeune Afrique Group, rue d’Auteuil, in Paris, his famous fountain pen with green ink in his hand

That was BBY

Par Zyad Limam - Publié en mai 2024

Bechir Ben Yahmed left us three years ago. On 3 May, International Press Freedom Day, like a final salute. Here is our tribute to him, first published in Afrique Magazine in June 2021.

It was two days before his final departure, in his room at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris. I was at his bedside, beside the man who raised me, who made me a large part of what I am today, through his example, his career, his history, his influence, and even through our confrontations... Béchir Ben Yahmed was ill, stricken with Covid-19. He had been fighting bravely for over a month. But the doctors were longer very hopeful. BBY was lucid, as if on his feet. True to himself, seeking to be master of his destiny, captain of his soul (to quote a famous poem by William Ernest Henley). He wanted to be clear about the meaning of this struggle, about the ‘after’, about the ‘why’. “I'm not afraid,” he said. “I don't want to be dependent, I know that my life has been lived. I've done the best I could between where I started and where I am now.” He showed concern for my children and their education...

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