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Next is Africa (AM in English)

Zyad Limam

It was at the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were talking about the world after, options, solutions, priorities, getting back to life, and plans. But Covid is still there, perhaps lurking, waiting to distill its umpteenth variant.

Publié en mars 2022

Despite a harsh and complex environment, Djibouti has built an ambitious development project while ensuring peace and stability. A new day is dawning, with free zones, industrialization, energy and digital technology.

Publié en janvier 2022

In 2100, that is to say in a little more than seventy years, which is not much in the scale of human history, and which is not that far for the children born today, 40% of the Earth's population will be African. By that time, we will be around 4 billion (3 billion of which will be in sub-Saharan Africa alone) for a global earth population of 8 to 9 billion.

Publié en janvier 2022

There are ambitious targets to be achieved by 2030. Sights are set not only on doubling the country's wealth but also getting a far-reaching modernisation process underway, not only for the state but also for the private sector and the people.

Publié en janvier 2022