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Mamadou Diagna Ndiaye, President of the Senegalese National Sports and Olympic Committee (CNOSS), and member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), travels the world with tenacity and enthusiasm. Especially since 2018, when Dakar was declared host city of the next Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to be held in 2026. The stakes are high.

Publié en novembre 2023

Côte d’Ivoire’s economic capital and the planet’s third-largest French-speaking city is a never-ending worksite striving to correct the mistakes of the past while looking ahead towards the future. An urban planning challenge, a melting pot of cultures and peoples determined to forge a life in a megalopolis open to the high seas.

Publié en septembre 2023

On May 29, Bola Tinubu, winner of the February 25 th election, was sworn in as president of Africa’s most populous country. The 71-year-old former governor of Lagos State, a seasoned "traditional " politician, faces a challenging situation and must prove that he can also be a reformer.

Publié en juin 2023
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Togo’s president, Faure Gnassingbé laying the cornerstone on June 9 of the future Agricultural Services Center in Kpalimé (Plateaux-Ouest region).Togolese officials and the OCP Group’s African subsidiary have forged a groundbreaking partnership to serve f

Togolese officials and the OCP Group’s African subsidiary have forged a groundbreaking partnership to serve farmers in the Plateaux-Ouest region.

Publié en août 2023
Togolese President Faure Gnassingbé laid the foundation stone of the future Center for Agricultural Services on June 9 in Kpalimé (Plateau-West region).

UM6P's first branch in sub-Saharan Africa will train young Ivorians in the agro- technology professions.

Publié en août 2023

A trailblazing protocol agreement to support 180,000 farmers with two programs

Publié en août 2023

Global agriculture is at a crossroads. The planet is home to 8 billion people, a total which the UN predicts will rise to 10 billion by 2050. At the same time global food insecurity is rising due to the unprecedented rate of soil degradation and the increased frequency and severity of climate shocks, the pandemic, and regional conflicts. To keep humanity fed, farmers will have to nearly double their output. And it is possible to do just this while at the same time making a significant contribution to combatting climate change by rewarding farmers for increasing the amount of carbon stored in the soil they cultivate.

Publié en septembre 2023

Recognized as a non-profit organization in the public interest, the OCP Foundation published its 2022 annual report in early May. Research and development (R&D), social innovation, food security: the phosphate and fertilizer giant’s foundation is active on all fronts, from Morocco to Madagascar.

Publié en août 2023

While Niger is a daunting country facing constant threats, it is also a land of many opportunities. And its leader is definitely breaking the traditional mold.

Publié en juin 2023

The Tunisian crisis seems to have come to a head. President Kais Saied dropped out of sight for days in late March, fueling all sorts of speculation and underscoring the fact that the country has had no Constitutional Court since 2011—despite two successive constitutions calling for its establishment. The stalemate is highly political (the independence of justice) and revealing of Tunisia’s paralysis. Opponents, intellectuals and journalists are in jail. Self-censorship has returned to the country where the Arab Spring began. Inflation has hit 10% since January, wiping out the working and middle classes. Young people, Tunisians or coming from sub-Saharan Africa, risk their lives crossing the sea while the well-to-do jet off to enjoy better lives elsewhere. The state is on the brink of bankruptcy, crushed by haphazard management and a debt of over $40 billion (93% of GDP). For months, the government has been negotiating a two-billion-dollar loan from the IMF, a possible windfall obviously tied to implementing major reforms, which nobody in Tunis seems willing to undertake. All this, while, roughly speaking, there is no way, budgetary wise, to make it until end of the year. Some certainly imagine that perhaps Russia, China, Algeria or a “knight in shining armor” will come to the rescue.

Publié en avril 2023

​​​​​​​To exist you must seduce! Which African countries project soft power, generate a positive, attractive image or position themselves as key players? Here is our, admittedly, subjective and evolving list of the top 15.​​​​​​​

Publié en mars 2023